Thoughts on Vlogs

I believe every person who has been into Youtube or other video sites would have found vlog is gaining its place gradually. Let it be a lifestyle one, tech review one or other genres, it seems to suit everybody’s desire at this time of age. Would it be the next generation of social media? Very likely.

But seemingly, if one decides to shoot vlogs for living, it could be extremely difficult to pay off the efforts. Let’s put celebrities away first since they get all the attention wherever they go. For normal people, nobody will be interested in seeing how they live their lives, unless they are living very exotic ones, such as living in the North Pole. For them to succeed, they need to have a very specific theme, at least at the very beginning, to gain enough solid audience before they start to record their “boring” daily life.

Apart from the toughness to get initial audience, it is the personal character and the video quality that eventually get vloggers the attention they want. One might initially attract lots of viewers by his/her looking, but it is not everlasting if he/she doesn’t have a personality that goes along with audience. It is probably a talent instead of a skill that can be acquired. Additionally, the video quality has set a high standard on vloggers’ skills in video editing, so those famous vloggers often have background in directing or have a team who works on this.

Being famous is not easy, especially when there are over 6 billion people living on the earth, and most of them have free Internet. But I guess vlogger’s hard work will have its meaning for their colorful life at last as long as they don’t shoot videos out of the desire for money. Please, do it with joy. #SaluteToLife

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