The Down of PUBG

I can still remember around this time last year in 2017, PUBG(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) was still the hottest game in gaming industry. It almost strived to be the best game of the year in TGA, but fell short to the legendary Zelda game from Nintendo. In the morning when I was just casually browsing the tweets I found a chart about the most popular games streaming on Twitch, and PUBG had dropped out of Top 5, losing to much older games like DotA 2.

What has happened in a year? Is Fortnite the one to blame? Indeed Fortnite has a very similar setting like PUBG, nevertheless at the same time it provides gamers with much better experience. But I think it is the PUBG itself that has caused the problems.

Firstly, the poor optimization of the game has driven tons of gamers away. In some ways, PUBG has set the new standard of computer specs for those who love online gaming. The vivid graphics in the game has made most last-generation PCs out of date all at once, and if you want to play this game at a comfortable setting, you’d better have a GTX 1060 or above graphic card. But is it really a good thing to the company? Fortnite could even be run on Nintendo Switch, with playable graphic performance, and it has also enabled cross-platform plays. The power of connecting to the bigger user base is imperative for a game to thrive. Are you really going to pay for a $2000 computer for a game?

This leads to my second point, I think PC is not the future platform for most games, and instead, the role should belong to game consoles. I think console gaming has been gaining its share gradually, and whoever has tried it would feel good playing good games in front of TV. It has made the connection between friends and families more easy, and has allowed more interaction both physically and mentally. The lack of PUBG support on consoles will slow down its pace eventually.

Additionally, the popularity of the game has also helped the business of cheating software, but Bluehole has done a poor job in alleviating it. Not long after the game became crazy among fans, more and more users have found that there are some incredible kills during the game, all of which have highlighted the issues of the cheating scripts. It is not a new problem for FPS games, due to its mechanism in transmitting information, but the company behind PUBG is not keen on improving the condition for the fans, at least on the surface. I used to play PUBG with friends a lot last year, but after continuous being killed by impossible ways right after I hit the land, I told my friends I won’t play this game anymore out of rage.

PUBG could have been a 10/10 game, at least for us gamers, but now it is falling short of our expectation, and I am afraid it can never be as popular as before.

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