Let’s face it, NFL is getting more and more boring nowadays, and I am not saying football is getting there, but NFL, specifically. Two years ago I started to get really into college football, and now I can convincingly say: college football is the most fun sport in the world, with no exception.

NFL is making itself quite embarrassed recently, by announcing that it would give the team that has players kneel down during national anthem a stunning 15-yard penalty, before the game even starts. This sounds very familiar to me, because I have been through quite a lot of similar penalties since I was young here in China. Yes, I am talking about coxxxnism. I wouldn’t say that this is not effective, instead, it is probably the most impactful policy ever if you want to punish an individual: if you don’t listen to me, fine, cause I am going to threat your teammates or families.

I don’t understand why would NFL choose this type of penalties. Even so, I don’t understand why would there be a penalty before the game starts. I’d rather attribute to this joke to NFL’s incompetence during these years, because clearly basketball is gaining more and more ground.

This season, at this time, there’re two 2-2 finals in both eastern and western conference, making it an exciting year for basketball fans since the foundation of warriors dynasty. I just hope NBA could get better and more balance between teams, and keep treating players as their partners instead of their tools.

Before the opening of next season’s college football, let us enjoy the May/June Madness!

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