Next Big Area for Data Analysis

Artificial Intelligence? No, since it is already very popular and everybody wants some out of it.

Block chain technology? Nope, since it is more of a security thing, and data analyst is not playing a main role in its development.

Then what are we talking about here? I want to define the “Big Area” in the title as something that we could easily tap into with our current techniques, and it has not gone viral globally yet. The area I’d like to share my insights on, is electronic gaming.

Yep people might say that sports analytics has already been maturing especially in developed countries, and top players have dedicated data analyst to improve their performance. However, they could afford them partially due to the global recognition of their type of sport, and esport hasn’t been at the stage yet – it is still struggling to make itself enter the vision for most people. That is to say, the data analytic part in esport is very much related to the industry itself, and I would say it has a prosperous future.

Additionally, esport is so perfect for data analysis that I couldn’t think of another sport that has more appropriate case for data analysis. As of now, we have adapted high speed computers and machines to do complex calculation for us, and at the same time esport is played on computers. In other words, we’ll be able to analyze anything you would care about in games in order to improve the performance, because all data is available theoretically.

Esport’s data analysis has inherited the advantages from traditional sports, for example, you can’t be a good analyst without the experience or knowledge of that specific sport. It has also some merits that traditional sports can’t achieve, such as the low difficulty of getting observable data. As the esport industry continues to grow with more competitive games such as Dota2, League of Legends and Overwatch emerging, I believe it has quite a bright future for those brave pioneers.

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