Thoughts on Ulysses changing to subscription-based

I have been using Ulysses for quite some time and consider myself one of the first group of adopters for this application. Ulysses feels elegant, fast and effective, and has been my preferred writing app.

When Ulysses announced its change from a one-time-paid program to a subscription based app, I was not shocked at all, since in recent years 1Password, Adobe Photoshop, PyCharm and other excellent softwares have all changed from free/paid to the subscription type. It is not necessarily bad for consumers at all, if this move can help developers to continue its work for a long long time. On the other side, it does have added extra financial pressure to their clients if customers need any new feature from the app, because almost all developers will give no time to customers to think about it and release a new version directly, at the same time taking down the old guy from the store directly.

Honestly speaking, I don’t think customers who have paid such a high price for such an excellent app would be mad at the decision to switch. As one of them who might be unhappy about the move, I am more unsatisfied with their incompetence in notifying existing customers beforehand. I think, even after nearly 10 years since the concept “App Store” has been created and implemented, we are still searching for the best way for developers and customers to benefit enough from its booming development. Probably those platforms are taking out too much from the developers? Or customers are paying too less for some applications? Only time will tell.

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