Life is a Journey of Accumulation

Sometimes I wonder what makes me today, and there’ll be tons of alternative answers in my head. It might be due to my interest, my characteristics, the environment that I grew up in, and the people I have met in my life, or it is simply due to the destiny.

For example, I’ve been studying wine culture and Japanese recently, but I found myself constantly forgetting the new things I just memorized. I’ve never wanted to blame my seemingly decreasing learning skills, but I found that to be good at something, it takes some serious time in practice. To be accurate, I have spent quite some time seriously in learning the things I am good at today, instead of doing the things repeatedly without ever wondering how to improve it.

It comes down to a book talking about “deliberate practice” that I read in the past couple of weeks. Looking back to my journey as a tech lover, I did also encounter some time when I found myself keep forgetting new things that I just studied. Gradually, however, I started to pick them up more and more quickly, and that’s the time when I realized I had accomplished something in learning a new thing. So my point is, don’t see yourself as a slow learner, because we have never been that fast. The reason why now we are good at something, is that we have spent countless time in mastering it, whole-heartedly. We tend to forget how much efforts we have put into something, especially after we are sort of comfortable in using it.

There’re just too much great stuff to learn in the world, and I used to be too keen on doing all of them. After all these years, I’ve also learnt to enjoy myself a little bit when it is time to do so. And no matter what I want to do, good or bad, hard or easy, I’d like myself to remember the art of patience in learning, since it is better late than never. 🙂

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