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Apple is still the Apple, but, the question is, really?

I’ve been such a long time and die heart fan of Apple products that I have literally ever missed any product Apple has made, and they are all awesome, until the launch of Apple Watch, well, series 1.

To be honest, Apple Watch is still the best overall smart watch on the market, just like its big brother – iPhone. When it is initially released, I couldn’t help buying one because it is so cool and advanced, despite of the lack of cellular signal and GPS module, I still enjoyed quite a bit of time using it.

However, eventually not long after, I stopped using it, not because it’s not cool, like I said, it is still the best, but a lot of other factors are implying this is not going to revolutionize the market. A good smart watch should be something unprecedented. Remember when people first saw an iPhone or iPad, we just didn’t realize there’s a way like that to improve life quality. For all the possibilities, iPhone and iPad filled them perfectly and even provided users with more functionalities.

But what? For an Apple Watch, people expected GPS built in, LTE signal enabled, fast interaction, independency relative to cellphones. No, none of that has happen, and even some reasonable hopes are not realized. That’s why I know it is not a revolutionary product, because there’s a huge gap between user’s hope and the final product.

Same thing is also happening to iPhones, but in a more subtle way. After all, iPhone is the core product in Apple’s lineup to make profits. This year’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, frankly, is another best iPhone that Apple has ever made. True. However, when you compare the package it’s offering to the expectations of customers, you will find it not an extremely convincing product. Yeah, we are talking about extremity, because we’re talking about one of the greatest tech company in human being’s history!

I would dare to say there’s a little confusion among Apple’s management team, starting from the launch of Apple Watch: How can we maintain our business and keep creating exciting products. The confusion is so obvious seen on the iPad Pro lineup. It was first introduced with the release of IOS 9.3 which is a imperative update for the efficiency to get work done on iPad Pros, but later was totally forgotten in the brand new IOS10. Split screen in Safari? Come on, it should have been there long time ago, and no other major improvements have been made in IOS 10 to make iPad Pros more useful for those who once dreamed of replacing PCs with it. I never doubt Apple’s capabilities to make another exciting software update for iPad Pros, but I’m just curious how busy Apple’s management team is to polish every product line.

Yes, let’s talk about Macs. Macs have been providing a totally different experience for computer users. They are simply beautiful, easy to use and able to get real work done elegantly. Look at how many great applications are MacOS only: Alfred, Ulysses, OmniFocus, Bartender, Devonthink… Macs are the most compelling reason for me to stay with Apple, even more that what the IOS ecosystem is to me. Even so, it is been a long time since the last refreshment has been made in 2012. MacBook Airs used to be the most well-balanced go-to-netbook people can buy, while now they are facing the competition from both the Pro and MacBook lineups. Strange, huh? They have been rumored a thousand times that are being removed from production, but clearly MacBooks are not powerful enough nor Pros are light and slim enough to do that. I am also interested to see how Apple is going to do with Macs later this year, since they have another solid update from El Capitan to Sierra.

Oh, yeah, iPods. There’s plenty of sweet memory of mine accompanied with my iPod Touch back in 2007. I am sad to see iPods gone, but time seems to reach the point where there’s little market for downloaded music. When I started to use MP3s, I stumbled upon the question why I can’t just stream the songs like what I did on the computer. It was a thought which is so old that I would think twice before sharing to others. No matter what, now it is the reality, with the help of Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and so many others, and song writers can still earn money from this business model, so, why not?

Apple has been a kind of symbol in so many users’ eyes. "You got a new iPhone 7? Nice!" "Wow you have an Apple Watch!" Less and less people will think about how Apple was like before this mania, when people were lining up 2 miles away to get the best phone they can get 9 years ago. To conclude, we can take Usain Bolt as a great example, he used to be the best, broke tons of world records with ease, and he is still the best, although through these years sometimes he made mistakes and lost in some small battles, but who knows what will happen in the next Olympics in Tokyo, will he still be the best? Luckily, Apple can act as a organization like Jamaica, not Usain Bolt by himself, so let’s wait and see if Apple can still hold onto its superiority!

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