Tech Gadgets that I enjoyed

It is not easy to justify the desire to buy tech gadgets these days, because you will be easily tagged by “Geek” or “Nerd” or something similar. Nevertheless, I want to share some essential categories of tech gadgets of mine to make my daily life much more joyful.


No need to say anything…right? Everyone deserves to have the best phones on the world in this age, regardless of Android, IOS or others. 1


I can’t stress more heavily that how important reading is to me, and how important to find a right way to read on electronic devices. Since I started college, I have realized I cannot buy paperbacks and store them in a safe place after reading like I was at home anymore. Therefore, I tried out kindle in 2011, and guess what, at the beginning I was really hard to be convinced by that 6-in E-ink screen for reading, but now, despite on-and-off, I still value kindle a lot, and I consider it as the most valuable electronic asset people can have now.2


For some, iPad can also serve the place of kindle, but for me it is too big to be held at hands for reading a long time and its screen would make my eyes tired. However, iPad is a perfect device to read magazines, newspapers and watching Netflix. Right now Apple seems like they want to push iPads beyond this scope and play more important roles in productivity category, but trust me, iPad is still iPad, and it is perfect for your couch.3

Noise-cancelling headphone

I have bought a Beats Studio in 2012, but I didn’t find out how useful its noise cancelling feature it is until now I need to go errands and study outdoors. People tend to ignore the effect of noise even it is just sort of weak ambient noise. Moreover, a noise-cancelling headphone is also a good device to listen to the music with better base and tremble sound.4

The combination of desktop and laptop

I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro for 4 years, and I didn’t realize its lack in mobility until I started my study in USC last year, since I have to frequently go out with my bulky computer in my backpack. Now I am happy with an extra 12-inch MacBook with almost all of my working documents on Dropbox, and this combination serves extremely well with 15-inch as a desktop at home and remote computer, and 12-inch MacBook as a mobile form factor.5

Handheld game console

Funny, huh? But it is important to maintain the ability of imagination for me, and playing console games is a perfect way for me. I have considered a household console before, but I am not a native American and I am constantly on the move, and we all know Xbox/PS4 games are time-consuming, so it makes no sense for me to buy a TV simply for it. I need something light and powerful, with casual games and good-quality games both available. I couldn’t think of a better device than handheld game consoles. I ended up with a Nintendo 3DS XL and I love playing it for a while a day. Overall, my opinion is, never underestimate the need to play good healthy games.6


For anyone who cares about the quality and has the desire to explore photography world, you should have a good camera. No need to go up high with DSLRs, but at least it should have enough customization space for your to explore. I have an SONY a7 with three classic Zeiss lenses due to its full format censor and a lot of customizable buttons, and I really love it whenever there’s a serious trip such as the one to Antelope Canyon, because for other casual situations, especially in daylight, iPhone serves well.7

There’re tons of other tech gadgets, like fitness-tracking band, VR headsets, bluetooth controllers…, but they are not my necessities. I know everyone has a different opinion about it, but the value I want to convey in this article is, we can never fulfill our desire in tech gadgets, but to figure out what are our must-haves is imperative sometimes, by that I mean, I don’t want to drown myself in the ocean of technology, because our human minds should always be the ones in control.

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