Efficiency is poisonous at times

Sounds like a horrible statement right? However, I started to feel that aiming for efficiency improvement is sometimes confusing and distracting, especially for IT workers or tech gadgets lovers. Why? Because these people are most likely to accept new “vague” tech concepts and give them a try, therefore resulting in los of waste in money and time.

Still don’t understand what I mean? Let’s make it this way: for instance, have you ever tried any new apps? Have you ever tried out new apps intending to replace the well-functioning but old one? Are you looking for new stimulus every day and you firmly believe with something new your efficiency will improve vastly?

Are they legible statement? Probably not. Actually I was one of those geeks who think in that way, and I suppose it is a very dangerous way of thinking because sometimes it is not going to help you except for wasting money and time. Quite often we can encounter write ups on the Internet, talking about new apps that worth trying out or new service that is unprecedented, and the writers seem to be eager to attract new users for those apps. I was one of their prey some time ago, therefore I’ve spent lots of time invested in unnecessary new things: for example, once upon a time I’d like to use 2do to replace OmniFocus just because my admiration to the MacStories editor Vittici. Fortunately, I did not lose my judgement, and after trying out 2do for a few days, I deleted it because it is no way better than what OmniFocus is contributing to my healthy lifestyle. Let’s focus on apps and take another example to illustrate my point: on IOS devices there’re tons of new apps showing up in App Store every day and some websites are potentially in cooperation with some of those app companies. There are a lot of new email clients apps, for instance, coming on stage every day and it seems like almost every email app is recommended by some long convincing articles that try to sell their points. If you cannot control yourself well on the curiosity, you might end up downloading new email apps and give them trials every day!

Pretty scary, huh? You might have a all-around email app on your phone, but you are always attracted by new stuff, without realizing the potential harm to the efficiency, for the efficiency’s sake. Parents will tell you to save money or time when you want to replace something old but fully usable, but nobody’s gonna warn you how much time you’ve lost in these seemingly effeciency-improving exploration.

I mean, somebody is gonna do this part for us. He might be a full time app tester or a software engineer or whatever, so he can earn a living by doing this. However, as a student or someone who cannot support even their own living, it is gonna take too much out from within and it might usually end up not worthwhile. For example, you just realized you can improve one of your workflow by 1 second and therefore you use 3 hours to code and produce an Automator to realize that thought, and assuming you are not a programmer at all. Is it worthy of doing that? Use 3 hours to improve 1 seconds. Yes it will eventually benefit more in the future since 1 second’s saving is 1 second’s saving, but for god’s sake, this would also make you think you are pretty good at coding and drive yourself off the road you chose initially and might be probably correct. Just think twice before doing that: Will it be worthwhile doing that?

Don’t trust everything and judge by yourself. 

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